david-truman-civil-lawWhether you have been sued or believe that someone has violated your legal rights, you need competent legal counsel to help you decide the next steps to take to protect your rights or enforce the law.

Truman Law, LLC is experienced and prepared to advise you on a wide variety of civil disputes and lawsuits. From your initial contact with the firm, attorney David Truman will begin to consider the most cost-effective means of protecting your rights. If you retain David as your attorney, he will work your case with your goals in mind, advise you of potential outcomes, and work to keep you informed of progress with your case.

David has experience with defending lawsuits, collecting money owed, enforcing contracts, and suing for violations of civil rights, among other areas of civil litigation. Many disputes can be resolved by communication through your attorney and without the expense of filing a lawsuit. If David believes this is possible with your case, he will explain the costs and benefits of negotiation vs. filing suit. Your case remains your case when you hire David, but you can count on him to guide you through the decision making process each step of the way.

To contact David Truman about handling your matter of civil litigation, visit our contact page or call today.