We recently had the pleasure of retaining David for our business and we were very pleased with the results. David is very professional and courteous. We could contact him right away if we had a question and he talks to you like a friend instead of a client. He treats people with the care and respect they deserve. We will definitely use David from now on with anything we need. Thanks David. – Douglas McClain
I recently lost my job and was having problems with my severance agreement. Mr. Truman got everything settled and did a wonderful job protecting my interests. He was very kind and responded quickly whenever I contacted him with questions. I felt he gave me good advice and kept me up to date with all negotiations. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone who needed an attorney. – Karen, Brook Park
I was involved in an accident where my pristine, classic 50+ year old Corvette was rear ended by an uninsured/unemployed driver. After 4 months of fighting and arguing with the appraiser, adjusters and my insurance co., it became clear that I was going to have to sue my insurance co. in order to get them to pay for the repairs in a manner that would not diminish the value of the vehicle (per the policy). I contacted Mr. Truman, and from that point on, Mr. Truman handled all aspects of the situation and it was resolved in my favor and the Corvette was restored to “before accident condition” in a minimal amount of time. What I found reassuring is that Mr. Truman took all my calls, answered all my e-mails and kept me up to date with his progress. He was professional and I am confident that he took a real interest in my plight. In the event I need another attorney, I will certainly call on Mr. Truman and I will recommend him to my family and friends because I have confidence in his abilities. – Rick A., Cleveland OH
My husband passed away in July 2012 in Cleveland, Ohio and at that time personal property that belonged to me and my husband was confiscated from my home. I went to claim the property a week later and was denied getting my property back. I hired Mr. Truman in order to have my personal property returned to me. We settled out of court and my property was returned to me. My husband’s death was very tragic and Mr. Truman was very compassionate and understanding in regards to my grief. I relocated 1600 miles away from Ohio and even with the distance Mr. Truman was always very responsive to my questions and kept me informed on a weekly basis in regards to my case. I was very satisfied with the outcome of my case and I would highly recommend Mr. Truman for legal services. –Kathy B., Albuquerque NM
With Ohio being an at-will state, and employers having an advantage over their employees, it’s nice to have a comforting attorney like David Truman to represent you with the compassion, guidance and direction I needed to win my case. Thank You! — Confidential, Lyndhurst OH
I approached David in 2012 with a very difficult unemployment issue. I was facing a repayment of benefits that would have crippled me financially and needed the help of an attorney experienced with unemployment law. David came highly recommended and was extremely informative and helpful throughout the entire process. David never hesitated to answer my calls or to call and inform me of any new information which really made me comfortable with the process. In the end David’s hard work prevented me from having to pay back my benefits and he truly saved me years of financial peril. I will forever be thankful for David’s hard work and dedication to my case and would strongly recommend him to my friends or family. — Joe Alexander, Youngstown OH

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